Buying Real Estate in Germany

Buying Real Estate in Germany

Investing in German real property – Is my investment risk-free? How will I be able to avoid unpleasant surprises?

For investors from within Germany and abroad, the German real estate market is one of the most popular locations for real estate investments.

Purchasing real property is such an important matter that professional advice is recommended in order to ensure the protection of your investment.

We will provide support during your purchases and sales of real property in Germany.

We will advise you during the preparation of your investment. We will review your Property Purchase Agreement in order to ensure that you will not take any risk in your purchase. We will take care of the formalities of your real property transaction on your behalf. You can rely on our long-standing experience.

Assistance with Purchase Agreement

In Germany, notaries public are impartial and neutral. They must provide equal treatment and act as advisor to all parties.

Only if you have your own attorney-at-law by your side can you be certain that your objectives will be achieved and your interests protected.

Real Estate Due Diligence : Assessment of Opportunities and Risks of Real Property 

Due Diligence is the “due diligence” that is applied during the review of a real estate investment prior to the purchase or sale. Due diligence reviews create transparency and reveal the risks involved in the purchase of real property. They serve to ensure that you are making the right decision.

The strengths and weaknesses of a building – those are the decisive factors in a purchase or sale enabling you to properly assess the opportunities and risks of a real estate transaction.

We will carry out the analysis of the tenancy agreements, the review of the tenancy agreements and general costs on your behalf. We will review the information provided by the property management and screen the documents in search of imminent legal disputes and necessary investments. During the negotiations, we will be by your side as your discussion partners.

Real Estate Transactions through a Company – in which Legal Format?

Which is the most appropriate legal format for holding and managing your real property? Does the purchase of the company that owns the real property create a tax benefit compared to a direct acquisition of the real property? In which cases is it advisable to found a company for purposes of acquiring real property?

Together with you, we will reflect extensively on your objectives in order to find the legal format tailored to your needs.

Our advice will include all legal and tax aspects of your transaction.