Your Branch Office in Germany

Your Branch Office in Germany

You wish to expand to Germany and capture the German market? You wish to establish a branch office in Germany?

We will be happy to help you. Our firm assists foreign companies seeking to penetrate the German market or increase their presence in Germany.

Taking an entrepreneurial approach, we will think and plan together with you so that you will achieve your business objectives in Germany.

Our specialization and the consistent international focus of our firm make us ideal discussion partners for foreign clients.

We will support you in all of your projects in Germany.

Our long-standing experience with cross-border cases puts us in the position to recognize arising issues early on and to provide forward-looking advice to you.

We will support you in your selection of the appropriate legal format and the structuring of the tax-specific circumstances.

Following an analysis of your situation we will develop a solution that is tailored to your individual needs, fully meets your expectations and produces the desired success.