Brandenburger Tor, Berlin

Who we are

International Attorneys-at-Law, admitted to bar in Berlin and in Paris. We advise. We support. In Real Estate and Tax Law.

We are an internationally focused Franco-German law firm with offices in Berlin and Paris specializing in real estate and tax law. We primarily represent foreign clients and are able to offer legal and tax advice on all of your matters in Germany.

We will provide all-encompassing assistance with all questions concerning real estate and investments in Germany. We will help you with the organization or establishment of your company in Germany.

All of the attorneys of our firm have been specializing in real estate and tax law for many years. Competent discussion partners will therefore be available to you. This tailor-made legal and tax expertise is our offer to you.

Following an analysis of your situation we will develop a solution that is tailored to your individual needs, fully meets your expectations and produces the desired success.

Thanks to our network of selected experts, we are able to provide support in financing arrangements and tax-optimized loans.